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Fiction & Nonfiction

Rage by Debra Webb, 2016 by Tantor Media

Three voices, Kentucky accents


Seer’s Blood by Doranna Durgan, 2013 by Audible

Male and female voices, Kentucky accents


The Man In the Brook’s Brother’s Shirt by Mary McCarthy

Women’s literature. Wry, world weary, raspy, real.


My Father Came From Italy by Maria Coletta McLean, April 2013 release by Audible
Drama. Italian accents, elderly characters


Tempting by Hope Tarr
Published 2012 by Audio Realms on Audible

Engaging storytelling. Upper class British accent, American accents.


The Mystic In the Theatre  by Eva Le Gallienne

Biography. Youthful, engaging. Spoken French, midwestern accents.


Children and Young Adult Fiction

Searching For Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

Tween fairy tale. Silly voices, fun, light-hearted, cartoon giant & giantess.








Children’s Show – “Backyard Habitat”


Documentary – “India”


Documentary – “Eleanor Roosevelt”


Medical Narration


“Children’s Hospital”


Corporate Read